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Stockton Products™ BIM Objects

Stockton Products BIM Objects - Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects / families / systems, free to download in revit or dwg formats for use with all major BIM and CAD software including AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, ArchiCAD and others.

BIM's created and hosted by ARCAT

CR-FCP: Channel Reveal for Fiber Cement Panel
DCS: Drywall Channel Screed
DCS 50-2: Drywall Channel Screed 50 - 2 pc.
DMCT: High Strength Corner Trim
DRM: Wall Reveal
DRMB: Reveal Base
DRMF: F Wall Reveal
DRML: Edge Trim
DRMW: W Corner Reveal
DRMZ: Z Wall Reveal
DRWT: W Reveal
DS: Drip Screed
DS300: Drip Screed 3" Reveal
F MOLD-FCP: F Mold for Fiber Cement Panel
F-D 75-75: F Drip Molding
FCM: Fascia Corner Molding
FDM: F Drywall Molding
FPM: F Plaster Molding
FRWDM: Facia/Recessed Window Drip Molding
FRWM: Facia/Recessed Window Molding
IC-FCP: Inside Corner for Fiber Cement Panel
ICR-FCP: Inside Corner Reveal for Fiber Cement
J MOLD-FCP: J Mold for Fiber Cement Panel
JDM: J Drywall Molding
JPM: J Plaster Molding
NVS: Narrow V Screed
OC-FCP: Outside Corner for Fiber Cement Panel
OCG-FCP: Outside Corner Guard for Fiber Cement
PCM: Plaster Corner Molding
PCS: Plaster Channel Screed
PCS 50-25/25: Plaster Channel Screed 50-25/25
PCS 75 Short V: Plaster Channel Screed Short V
PCS 75 Wide V: Plaster Channel Screed Wide V
PCS 75-2: Plaster Channel Screed 75-2 Piece
PCS 75-25/25: Plaster Channel Screed 75-25/25
PCS DA: Plaster Channel Screed DA
PJ-FCP: Panel Joiner for Fiber Cement Panel
SB-FCP: Starter Base for Fiber Cement Panel
SV: Soffit Vent
TDM: T Drywall Molding
TRM: T Reveal Molding
VSMV: Vented Soffit Molding - 16V80
WHD-FCP: Window Head Drip for Fiber Cement Pane
WPM: Plaster Soffit Reveal Molding
WRM: W Reveal Molding
WS-FCP: Weep Screed for Fiber Cement Panel
XDM: X Drywall Corner Molding
XPM: X Plaster Molding

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