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PNFFA: Plastic Nose Fireproofing FormAid™
  • Patent Pending
Stockton Products is pleased to introduce FormAid, a new Patent Pending special single leg version of our welded wire Plastic Nose Cornerbead used in the fireproofing process. Designed specifically to aid in forming a contour design when fireproofing beams, columns or other steel members. FormAid's unique single leg design can also be adjusted in the field to achieve any angle desired, eliminating much of the need for costly wood forms, saving money, material, time and labor in the forming process.

Note: Available in standard 10' lengths, limited custom lengths and pre-bent angles are available by special order. Please call Stockton Products with your specific request.

Note: Product shipped flat.

Galvanized: 10PNFFA

Materials: (General Information)
  • Galvanized (17.5 Gauge Wire) G-60 Coating

Reference Info:

ASTM Codes: (General Information)
  • A641/A641M (Galvanized Wire)
  • A653/A653M (Galvanized Coating)
  • A924 (Galvanized Steel)
  • C1063 (Accessories)

Notes: (General Information)
Please call 1-87-Stockton for more information.
  • Standard length is 10 feet. Additional lengths available upon request.

  • Length: 10 feet*
  • Pieces Per Carton: 30
  • Feet Per Carton: 300 Ft./Ctn.

carbline Co.
FormAid™ is sold exclusively through our Master Dealer;
Carboline Co.

Additional Information:

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